Why should I care about customers? 5 Reasons

Though for some people the answer to this question might be obvious, some managers find themselves asking this question. So let's try to analyze the customer-company relationship, so we can understand why managers and companies should care (a lot) about customers.

1. No customer – no business.

This is nothing more than the economic law of supply and demand – you can't sell something that nobody wants. “But I have customers”, you might argue. True, but if you don't care about your customer he is going to feel that and will seek the person/company who does and your product will remain without demand.

 2. Customers search for the best situation available.

Even a monopolist must care about customers because even though the customers can take a lot of bad things from a monopolist company, eventually they will turn against the company and they are going to do something to change the status quo. That doesn't necessarily mean that the monopolist who doesn't care is going to be destroyed, but it means that if you don't care enough about customers, they will make you care, by leaving or forcing you to change.

3. Product + Customer = Sales.

If you care about your customers you will know what they want and you will be able to adapt your products to the needs of the customers, and this will have an impact on your sales.

4. Word-of-mouth marketing.

As I already mentioned, the customer feels if you care or not. Whether what he feels from you is a bad or good thing, the chances are that he will share the experience with friends, family and other people. If the experience is good, you may win customers, if it is bad, you may lose some.

 5. Legal actions.

If your lack of care affects the quality of products and services and can harm customers, there can always appear legal actions from the part of the customers and legal actions can bring with themselves lots of other bad things.

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