The puzzle of a good management

 It has never been an easy job for managers to lead their companies to success, but nowadays with all the changes in technology, in international economic climate, in customers taste and even in legislation and with the always rising expectations of shareholders and different other stakeholders, their job has become even more difficult. In fact because of all the things that management involves, it's a job often compared with the one of detective, many managers being fans of Sherlock Holmes. 

 What should managers do? How should the companies react in order to remain on top or to get on top? What are the elements that lead companies to success? The answer is simple: it depends… Not the answer you wanted? No problem, follow the blog posts and you will get a step closer to solving a puzzle that gives headaches to a lot of people – the puzzle of a good management. On this blog we are going to approach a lot of key subjects and we are going to discuss about companies that have experienced some brilliant management decisions, but also about companies that have experienced huge failures because of the wrong decisions and actions. 

 The New Management is the management that can solve the puzzle. Is the management that search, finds and puts together all the small pieces that influence companies. Is about controlling every single piece, is about planning every step, innovating and uniting different types of management that fit to the needs of the companies.

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