How can an organization transmit its culture to its employees?

The last decades have transformed the organizational culture into a star of the business sector, in particular the early 2000, when more and more companies have asked themselves how to act to achieve a sustainable growth by having as basis a strong organizational culture. Further on we are going to see what organizational culture is so we can better understand how it can be transmitted to the employees.

 What organizational culture is?

 A simple definition of organizational culture may be that organizational culture is a way of being and acting that is adopted within an organization. Starting from here the organizational culture can be divided in other areas of interest.

 Cultural assimilation

 An old form of making employees to accept and embrace the organizational culture (the O.C.) of the company is by setting rules and standards of behaviors. Another good way of transmitting the O.C. is by counting on the tendency of people to imitate – promoting this way a type of internal benchmarking, in which the employees get to be like the best ones (which also have assimilated the O.C. of the company).

 Values assimilation

 By far the most efficient way of transmitting to the employees the culture of the company is by making them first assimilate the values, but making someone change his values it is not an easy task and it is not always possible. To make someone to change his values you must come up with strong arguments that cannot be rejected and can be embraced by the person.

Employee Integration

 If the employees of a company are familiarized with the way in which things are going into organization, the next step – employee integration – should be easier to accomplish, but only if the relations between employer and employees and between employees are on the right track.

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