Companies should beat the stress so they can get higher profits

The stress is often considered to be the diseases of the 21st century. The stress not only affects the life of different individuals, but also affects companies and the economic sector as a whole. Considering this fact, we are going to discuss in the next rows about employees, stress, managers and profitability.

Should managers be worried about the stress in their companies?

Many managers believe that making their employees to work under stress is the best way to make them more productive. But is it really like that? The answer to this question is no. Managers should be worried about the stress in their companies because a stressful work environment can overload the employees, creating unwanted consequences.

How does the stress affect the profitability of the organization?

Stress can have a direct impact on the professional and personal lives of your employees. The stress can make the employees to feel and be ill, to feel tired, to be unproductive, to be irritable, to feel that they are being treated unfair by the company, etc. The effects that stress has over the employees reflect on the performances of the employees and eventually on the performance of the company, to be more precise on the profits of the company. A stressed employee is more likely to underperform, to betray the company or commit fraud.

How can managers beat the stress in their organizations?

A good way to beat the existing stress within the organization is to create a healthy organizational culture. Activities that can help the managers to beat the stress may include discussions with the employees and ex-employees. The Human Resources Department should closely work with the managers on this matter. The leadership skills of the managers can also represent an important resource.

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