Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Changing the organizational culture. Is it hard? What it has to be done?

Sometimes, in order to increase the performance of their companies, the managers need to change the organizational culture. But is that a hard thing to do? How should it be done?

Is it hard to change the organizational culture?

It has never been easy to change the culture of a group of people, small or large. The process needs a considerable amount of time and efforts of the employees at all the levels and very important, efforts of managers and the teams that handle the process of change. 

The efforts of the managers

During the process of change the managers have a very important role to play, they must be the example and they must support the employees. Without the involvement of the managers the process of change will fail.

Planning and organizing the change

The managers and the team that is handling the process must have a very clear idea of how the company should look like and what kind of behavior and thinking the employees should have. Once the objectives are set the next point on the board is to set the steps of the process. Every step must be carefully monitored and at the end of every step a small audit should be done.

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