Saturday, November 30, 2013

5 Non-material incentives that can motivate your employees

There are two types of incentives that managers can use to motivate their employees:  material and non-material. The material ones refer to incentives like salary, bonuses and other types of material rewards or sanctions that a company can give to the employees. The non-material incentives are related to the feelings, values and behavior of the employees. The non-material incentives give to the person the reason why he should do a certain task, while the material incentives strengthen the reasons by assimilating to the rewards numbers and other benefits. According to the specialists the non-material incentives are the ones that really make the people do a certain task and keep them focused on long-term.  Here are five types of non-material incentives commonly used by managers:


The possibility to get at a superior hierarchical level or the possibility to get more important tasks can motivate the employees to work harder and better.

Personal development

People always learn new thing, whether the process is voluntarily or not. Personal development is a conscious process of improving the personal and professional skills. Companies that offer this kind of opportunity for the employees, not only they benefit from motivating the employees, but they also benefit from the improvement of the skills of the employees.


Giving responsibility to the employees often make them feel as an important asset of the company and at the same time can make them assimilate themselves to the company. If the employee feels like he is the engine of the company he will be motivated to work for the benefit of the company and his own.


Some employees are being driven by the wish of getting professional recognition – to be seen as experts on their fields. If the employee wants to become an expert, then he is going to work hard to obtain that. The managers must create an environment that can offer recognition to the employees inside and outside the firm.


The feeling of doing well a job can be an important stimulus. This feeling can be powered by an appropriated organizational culture. 

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